Sunday, May 22, 2011


I got this idea from Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister. Link to her site from mine over tot he right side of my blog.

Bean Bag Song Toss        

Put giant notes on the floor with a song name on it. Have a child throw a beanbag, sing whatever song the beanbag lands on. The fun songs should be farther away.
I like ideas like this because it is easy to make up and some weeks you simply have to practice the songs over and over to get them learned. But if kids have a game to play along with singing, it sure is more fun.
My daughter gave me this idea yesterday. She said her primary chorister made up 5 stars game but used Easter Eggs. I say use the 5 stars on a stick and have one of them a glittery star. So the teachers get to be chosen to give the song (after being sung) 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, etc. and tell the kids what they need to do to earn 5 stars.....or better yet....THE GLITTERY STAR! (for 6 stars!)
Glittery Star is the one to go for!!!   
The kids will work really hard to earn 5 stars but to go for the glittery star they have to sing very special.

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